Compose tips

  • You can insert footnotes directly into texts with [fn]This text becomes a footnote.[/fn]. This will be replaced with a running number (the footnote reference) and the text within the [fn] tags will be moved to the bottom of the page (the footnote). See <a href="">Footnotes Readme page</a> for additional usage options.
  • Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.
  • Every instance of "[toc ...]" in the input text will be replaced with a collapsible mediawiki-style table of contents. Accepts options for title, list style, minimum heading level, and maximum heading level, and attachments as follows: [toc list: ol; title: Table of Contents; minlevel: 2; maxlevel: 3; attachments: yes;]. All arguments are optional.
  • Mathematics inside the configured delimiters is rendered by MathJax. The default math delimiters are $$...$$ and \[...\] for displayed mathematics, and $...$ and \(...\) for in-line mathematics.