Léon Scheepers. A Belgian pseudo-scientist

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The following demonstration was written since the VFSO (a pharmaceutical students’ association) in Belgium hosted a small debate1 at the University of Antwerp on 29/4/2015, entitled "homeopathy", between the pseudo-scientist Léon Scheepers LinkedIn | Professional site | Facebook; and Hans De Loof ResearchGate | LinkedIn | University of Antwerp | Professional site, a professor at the University of Antwerp. I would like to express my gratitude to Hans De Loof for having argued against this outrageous pseudo-science, as any respectible scientist would have obviously done.

In the hope to prevent any possible vulnerable medical students from becoming a victim of pseudo-science, I will now briefly demonstrate some outrageous pseudo-scientific practices of the pseudo-scientist Léon Scheepers. I hope this can provide citizens in general with a critical understanding of Belgian's pseudo-scientific medical personnel. I argue that his pseudo-scientific practices are so immoral that complaints should certainly be addressed at either the Belgian Order of Physicians, although its integrity was recently brought into question by a 2015 Belgian documentary,2 &/or court.

Where to situate the pseudo-scientist Léon Scheepers

Léon Scheepers & pseudo-scientists at his group practice

First of all, Léon Scheepers works in a pseudo-medical group practice of 9 people (named Homeopathic Center Antwerp), which consists of e.g. (just to name a few):

The pseudo-scientist Filip Vermaere

On Filip Vermaere @ Léon Scheeper's group practice | Official site | LinkedIn's page at Léon Scheepers' pseudo-scientific group practice, he is described as having studied Traditional Chinese medicine, Yin Yang, meridian stretching, macrobiotics & kinesiology.3 Considering this list of practices which are all scam-related, ranging from being used to promote pseudo-science (e.g. macrobiotics) to downright ridiculous scams (e.g. meridian stretching), I would consider kinesiology as referring to the pseudo-science of applied kinesiology. About this latter, you can find out a little more in my more lengthy article on homeopathy (which is, to my knowledge, the most extensive journalistic investigation of the pseudo-scientific company investigated). Here is some of his pseudo-science which he uses, as written on his page at Léon Scheepers' pseudo-scientific group practice: Shiatsu is a form of manipulation of thumbs, fingers and palms; by which, without the use of any instrument, pressure is exerted on the human skin to correct internal interferences, to promote or preserve health and to treat specific problems. This pressure is exerted on meridians (energy channels) alongside which our life energy or Qi streams to our organs and the rest of the body. If there arise blockages alongside these meridians, the Qi can stagnate and cause certain symptoms, both physically and emotionally. By relieving these blockages, the Qi can flow freely and bring harmony into our body again. First of all shiatsu gives a deep feeling of relaxation, but its efficacy goes much deeper. The muscle-, nerve- and hormonal system, the organs,... In short, the whole human body is treated by it.4

The pseudo-scientist Caroline Van Acker

Caroline Van Acker @ Léon Scheeper's group practice, is another example of a person at Léon Scheeper's group practice. She uses both the pseudo-science of osteopathy as well as the scam of foot reflexology.

Regarding the scam of osteopathy, I will limit myself to 1 pseudo-scientific claim by Caroline Van Acker: All organs and body parts are connected by energy currents with certain reflex zones in the foot. Not only physical, also mental and emotional aspects of a human are treatable via the foot. By using a specific massage technique with the thumb - existing of alternating pressure and relaxation - toxic substances are removed. Because of this, there re-arises a flow of energy, which causes everything to be in balance again.5 On the subject, I would like to express my gratitude to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Antwerp and Professor Family Medicine in the Department of Primary and Interdisciplinary Care, Paul Van Royen ResearchGate | Twitter | LinkedIn | University of Antwerp, who uses social media to inform the public that there is no place for osteopathy in science: Universities and professional organisations don't want recognition #osteopathie. Prof. Paul Van Royen (#UAntwerpen) on VRT.

— UAntwerpen (@UAntwerpen) November 9, 20136

Léon Scheeper's irrational belief in his fellow pseudo-scientists

During the debate, Léon Scheepers has evaded & not answered my question about whether or not he thinks his group practice is anyhow a respectable scientific practice. However, after the debate, I have been able to get an answer out of him. He claims that both Filip Vermaere & Caroline Van Acker are respectable scientists, since he claims that both feet reflexology & Qi, as well as meridians are scientifically validated concepts. His argument for them (e.g. for meridians or reflexology) is equally flabbergasting as his own pseudo-scientific practices: "there exist maps of them". This further shows that Léon Scheepers has completely lost any sense for critical thinking.

Léon as head of a pseudo-scientific Belgian association

Secondly, Léon Scheepers has been president of the direction committee of the pseudo-scientific society Unio Homeopathica Belgica (the Belgian professional association for homeopathy) since 2009, as well as secretary of the latter from 2000-2008.7 To anyone not yet having understood that homeopathy is an outrageous pseudo-science, I would like to again refer you to my more lengthy article on homeopathy, in which you can find a discussion of some of the pseudo-science by Jan Kersschot Official site | LinkedIn, which is one of the pseudo-scientific members (which obviously all members are, if only just for propagating pseudo-scientific practices & theories) of the Unio Homeopathica Belgica. During the debate, I tried to ask Léon Scheepers whether or not he thought that the Unio Homeopathica Belgica & its doctors were respectable from a scientific view-point; and if he knew these doctors (I asked the same about his group practice). He evaded and didn't answer my questions; but engaged in attacking me ad hominem; ranging from stating that he didn't like the way I was sitting; to yelling me names such as "arrogant" up to 3 times (I have recordings to prove these scuffles by Léon Scheepers, if required. If I was a patient, this defamation would have certainly resulted in a serious complaint. Léon Scheepers can obviously not handle any critical question. Both his anger towards criticism, which results very quickly in him slandering a critic; as well as his pseudo-scientific medical behavior is in serious conflict with the deontological code of the Belgian Order of Physicians). A funny anecdote is that, after the debate, I was able to get an answer from him about this question as well. I asked him (since he goes on and on pretending that the official recognition of homeopathy somehow would benefit patients), about the pseudo-science of this latter member Jan Kersschot. I stated that: if he was so concerned with having respectable people prescribe homeopathy, he would certainly need to throw away the clearly rotten apples. The funny thing is that Léon Scheepers indeed confirmed that it should be better to throw Jan Kersschot out of the Unio Homeopathica Belgica. This should certainly not be seen as making Léon Scheepers anyhow respectable scientifically, but has got more to do with one of the many schisms between homeopathic pseudo-scientists: Léon Scheepers has a pseudo-scientific belief closer to "classical or unitary homeopathy", which sees itself as concurrent and un-reconcilable with the pseudo-science of "complex homeopathy". Thirdly, if Léon Scheepers would be anyhow concerned with having only respectable scientists prescribing homeopathy, I will now argue, he would need to stop prescribing it himself (for clarification: I am not anyhow supporting anyone to prescribe any kind of scam, including homeopathy).

The pseudo-science propagated by Léon Scheepers

I will now display some of the outrageous pseudo-scientific theories & practices propagated by Léon Scheepers. I will start with an illustration of what, in my view, would be enough to retract any medical license of any medical personnel.

Léon and a five year old girl who's head turns gray

In Léon Scheeper's pseudo-scientific study EMERGENCY HOMEOPATHY IN ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISEASES IN FAMILY PRACTICE, one can read e.g. that he gives a little girl of 5 years old a homeopathic treatment, when this little girl was "badly ill", "very short of breath", was in "a very dangerous condition" and even (also literally): "the colour of her face was grey"! Case 4: Yannick , °04/07/1983. Asthmatic, spastic bronchitis evolving to collapse. (...) 24-10-1988, 2.30: Her father calls telling me that the condition of Yannick is very bad. Yannick throws the blankets off and is very restless. She likes to be carried around by her mother. Yet she feels cold on the outside and the absence of fever, she feels very warm inside. She wants to touch the cold stony flooring with her feet. She tends to collapse. She is very badly ill but has no fever. She was very restless, impossible to calm her. Very short of breath. The colour of her face was grey. This was a very dangerous condition. She tends to an asthma crisis. The remedy had to act very quickly, otherwise I had to send her to the hospital. Camphora 200K was prescribed with tremendous result within 30 minutes.8 Camphora 200K is a homeopathic remedy from a completely unreliable (obviously, since homeopathic) Belgian pseudo-scientific company, called UNDA. This company even combines homeopathy with other scam container terms: UNDA Numbered Compounds are the only complex remedies of their type, formulated with both plants and metals, acting on organotropic and energetic sensitivity levels respectively. Each remedy has its own fingerprint and is combined synergistically based on the integrated principles and theories of anthroposophy, oligotherapy, botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy.9 About the term "antroposophic" (which is also a type of pseudo-medicine, which stresses e.g. the use of biodynamic® agriculture; which is a kind of agriculture which uses e.g. pseudo-scientific astrological calenders), one can find out a little more in my more lengthy article on homeopathy. UNDA indeed also uses these pseudo-scientific practices: In the production of all homeopathic remedies UNDA uses only pure materials and herbs that are biodynamically grown or wildcrafted.10 Chatting with Léon Scheepers after the debate, another pseudo-scientific aspect of homeopaths arises (which Hans De Loof alluded to when stating "here is where the true homeopath arises"). Léon Scheepers has obviously very little understanding of science, as he states there are purportedly 2 paradigms in medicine: there is the "official university paradigm" & there is "energetical medicine" (cf. also the pseudo-scientist Jan Kersschot in my more lengthy article on homeopathy), which he claims are irreconcilable with eachother. This vague proposition obviously adds nothing relevant to any discussion at all, but can be retrieved in the description of UNDA above (cf. the obscure notion of "energetic sensitivity levels" in the penultimate quote). Did Léon Scheepers even realize that the product he administered here was by a company who produces "complex" homeopathy (cf. the quote above), which he supposedly strongly distrusts (I have recordings to prove this distrust by Léon Scheepers, if required)? Does he think that when a 5 year old girl is turning grey, ready for urgent hospitalization, is a great time to test out some unproven remedy, which even the pseudo-scientist Léon Scheepers distrusts?

An example of Léon's pseudo-scientific studies

To switch the topic to another flabbergasting pseudo-scientific aspect of Léon Scheepers: what does a "study" by Léon Scheepers looks like?

In "PROVING Lobelia cardinalis", (which obviously has no value at all, since this is non-randomized and e.g. without any control, to name but a few of the enormous deficits), it becomes clear that Léon Scheepers somehow thinks to prove the efficacy of a homeopathic remedy according to the subjects of the participant's dreams?! Whatever this "proving" tries to accomplish listing the subjects of these dreams, this heavily undermines any possible reputation that might be attributed to a "fake expert", conducting such a study. Perhaps this is done in some kind of obscure collaboration between him and a dubious psychotherapist? (Thomas Segers is e.g. a psychotherapist working at the pseudo-scientific center of Léon Scheepers, which I would distrust merely for working in such a pseudo-scientific group practice).11 Well, perhaps not: you might be flabbergasted, but a lot of homeopaths use this pseudo-scientific procedure of listing a dreams' subjects. Léon Scheepers even told me after the debate, when interrogating him about this perplexing procedure, that he sais this is a very important aspect of homeopathy; and that he very much claims that this is important to choose the right homeopathic remedy!?
To show you some parts of the list, which somehow purports to "prove" the efficacy of a homeopathic remedy (from Léon Scheepers' study cited above); one can only cry or laugh with the inclusion of the information that a subject dreams of "BALLOONS – red - yellow", as anyhow relevant to prove the efficacy of a remedy. This study is not in any way a scientific study (I even think the word "study" is an euphemism i.c. & to use the word "proving" is sheer stupidity):
  • Day 14:
    • DREAMS – FISH – purple
    • DREAMS – BALLOONS– red - yellow
    • DREAMS – BALLOONS – falling – water; in12
For this "proving" (conducted at his pseudo-scientific group practice Homeopathic Center Antwerp), is listed, as only author: Director of proving: Léon Scheepers, M.D. ([email protected])12

Léon and the pseudo-scientific software "RADAR"

Léon Scheepers also uses the pseudo-scientific software packages distributed under the umbrella "RADAR".

After the debate, I asked him about the following on-line quote by Léon Scheepers (WinCHIP is a part of the pseudo-scientific software called "Radar"13): "I recommend WinChip to everybody. I would also like to thank Dr. Carlo Rezzani and RADAR for this magnificent program and their excellent service."

Leon Scheepers MD.
Homeopathic Centre, Anvers, Belgium.14 I inquired him in specific about the pseudo-scientific software called RADAR, his support via this on-line quote and explained that the software RADAR used vague and totally pseudo-scientific advises between
  • a certain pseudo-scientific remedy on the one hand,
  • and what seem to be either subjects of nightmares, or serious neuroses coupled with ultra-specific social or mental conditions or hallucinations.
I will first present you with 2 screenshots of RADAR, demonstrating one of their dangerous pseudo-scientific features. The columns correspond to pseudo-scientific homeopathic remedies:

RADAR 10.5.003 for Windows. Screenshot 1


RADAR 10.5.003 for Windows. Screenshot 2

After the debate, Léon Scheepers, told me that he very much supports these advises (I asked him about these schemes explicitly) & that he indeed supports this software... It can be verified in a video, advertised via the official website of Radar, that these screenshots are indeed from this pseudo-scientific software:
  • [open video at "7m07s" in current window] | Please do understand that the repertoires listed here completely idiot and are just some lists created by many pseudo-scientists. To name an example: BIANCHI I. (e.g., second on the list which is visible on the left) refers to the incredible pseudo-scientist Ivo Bianchi ResearchGate | LinkedIn (one can found out more about his pseudo-science via my more lengthy article on homeopathy). To name another example: DEGROOTE F. refers to the pseudo-scientist Filip Degroote Professional site | Official site (which is another scientific disgrace for Belgium & another pseudo-scientific member of the Unio Homeopathica Belgica16). One of his lists used in the pseudo-scientific software RADAR is called "Dream repertory". Please use your critical thoughts to decide whether or not this is complete & damaging non-sense. If not yet convinced, look at e.g. the following ridiculous sentence from his non-sensical pseudo-scientific Dutch article "EMRYSS" (hosted on his Official site), at page 9: Symptom from the repertoire:

    Mind, delusion, has four legs (Sulfonalum is the only remedy).17 If you can understand Dutch, please read the context of e.g. that page 9: Filip Degroote advises a certain homeopathic product since an individual with back-pain dreams of someone who is tap-dancing with metal plates below his shoes (which Filip Degroote explicitly interprets as "having four legs")?! Belgium has an urgent and serious problem with its doctors! Filip Degroote describes this dream: He wears shoes with metal plates and has (as if) "4" legs.18 Then, Filip Degroote is even ridiculous enough to add e.g. the following to his pseudo-scientific repertoire; based on this "case study": Symptoms from these case, to add to the dream-repertory:
    • Dreams, dancing, tap dancing (somebody, wearing metallic shoes and having four legs, excels in dancing).19
  • [open video at "9min" in current window] | Here another outrageous pseudo-scientific aspect of homeopathy is presented. Cf. e.g. (just to name 1 disgraceful example) the ailments for "abused" (even sexual abuse in particular)?! What a scam. Yet another scientific and moral disgrace for Belgium. The author of this pseudo-scientific repertoire is the pseudo-scientist Frederik Schroyens Archibel | WholeHealthNow, yet another member of Unio Homeopathica Belgica (obviously).20 A textual extract from the video above (a description of patients which Frederik Schroyens, together with RADAR, advises & claims to be treated with pseudo-scientific homeopathic preparations from "Thuja occidentalis without nitricum acidum"): MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being - sexually - children; in. The licenses of all these pseudo-medical personnel should be retracted; the sooner, the better.

Léon propagating pseudo-science internationally

Lastly, I will draw attention to the fact that Léon Scheepers is not only exhibiting his pseudo-science in Belgium, but also in poorer countries like Thailand; as can be verified via his LinkedIn LinkedIn: Teacher Mahidol University Bangkok March 2009 – Present (6 years 2 months) Bangkok
Post Graduated in Homeopathy. 6 Belgian teachers (homeopathic doctors). First cycle ended August 2010. Second cycle ended April 2013 Third cycle starts July 2013 I will go for teaching to Bangkok March 2014.21

Advise and warning for Antwerp

In short, such pseudo-scientists are a scientific disgrace for the world in general, and Belgium & Antwerp in particular. I would also like to ask for attention to the Biomedical Library at the University of Antwerp, where at one point during the first trimester of 2015, pseudo-scientific propaganda for homeopathic courses could be found in the form of this flyer. I would like to ask anyone in general, and any possible vulnerable medical students in particular, not to support these €550 pseudo-scientific courses in any way. I think these propaganda flyers should not be welcomed at any university. Léon Scheepers will probably stay a dangerous victim of pseudo-science for the rest of his life. As for the rest of you, I hope for the better critical thinking.


  • 1. The official announcement of this debate can be found on a Facebook event page Facebook created by VFSO.
  • 2. I would be careful to expect any outcome, visible or not, from the Belgian Order of Physicians Official site French | Official site Dutch. Their scientific & legal integrity was recently brought into question by a Belgian documentary as part of the current affairs television program called Panorama WikipediaDutch | Official site Dutch | TwitterDutch | FacebookDutch, namely episode 11, entitled "Impartiality insured" (Originally in Dutch: "Onpartijdigheid verzekerd").

    The documentary tried to expose fraudulent medical experts who incorrectly dispute accidents in cooperation with insurance companies. The documentary was created by VRT-journalist Wim Van den Eynde LinkedIn & Alina Kneepkens Vimeo | Twitter | LinkedIn. The first wrote an article on the subject, of which the following is a translated extract: I have read reports that filled me with horror. Reports of physicians who use difficult medical jargon as a cloak in an attempt to camouflage their real intentions. Physicians who manipulate, lie and cheat, for whom people are apparently no longer patients, but file records which need to be finished. Translated from Dutch: Ik heb verslagen gelezen die me met afschuw vervulden. Verslagen van artsen die moeilijk medisch jargon als scherm hanteren in een poging hun echte bedoelingen te camoufleren. Artsen die schaamteloos manipuleren, liegen en bedriegen, voor wie mensen klaarblijkelijk geen patiënten meer zijn, maar dossiers die moeten afgehandeld worden. ▸ http://www.canvas.be..., Wim Van den Eynde, Panorama | Canvas, Canvas at 27/5/2015. Please allow me to feature a small excerpt, which I have subtitled, from this 57-minute documentary, regarding the Belgian Order of Physicians. The main interviewee of this excerpt is Alain Heyrman European Convention of Human Rights (EHCR) CASE OF HEYRMAN v. BELGIUM (25694/06) French | Corruptie troef Dutch | Medische corruptie in justitie Dutch | Stop Misbruik Verzekeringen Dutch | Stop Misbruik Verzekeringen | SlideShare Dutch. Below, the excerpt can be found:
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