Sexual harassment and unprotected (without shoes or with flip-lops, no ear, eye or hand protection) and allegedly partly under-age workers and civilians at John Aba's Top Timbers Company Ltd. in Honiara, Solomon Islands

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This company puts local workers and civilians at high risk of harm

John Aba is the director of Top Timbers Company Ltd., a company which stocks and processes (presumably the company only deals with lower quality timber, since the workplace workers communicated with me that the timber there is intended for local use) timber. In the process, as can be seen by visiting their Ranadi office and workplace, the workers which they employ are not provided with (nor obliged to wear) any protective shoes, ear, hand, eyes or head protection:

The workers and other people hanging around the workplace which I spoke to asses that some of the people being employed at Top Timbers are underage. I myself estimate the age of some young boys I saw there (it could be that they were not employed but just loading timber into trucks) to be between 12 and 18.

I also saw boys coming from school, who were walking in between the displacements and cutting of timber at the factory.

I fear the worst for the low-wage workers at that facility, as I am very confident that they are not insured to be able to be provided with adequate medical care when serious accidents happen.

The workers at highest risk of injury are almost all locals, and the people at the workplace in supervising positions are almost all Chinese.

Sexual harassment by Chinese employees in supervising positions

The person in the following picture (an Asian, reportedly Chinese, male who is working at Top Timbers Company Limited) yelled 'fuck you' at an 18 year-old girl, according to that girl of whom I was talking to just before and after that reported event:

I can easily identify that man when I would visit the factory again. I would estimate his age between 30 and 50. I also have a clear picture of the mentioned girl, and know via which other employees I can get in contact with her.

Does this deserve an honour?

Then, please, is it worthy for the Queen of England to award John Aba with an honour?

The UK seems to think so!

In the air-conditioned office, there hangs a mention of the UK honour conferred to John Aba, decorated with 2 pictures of the decoration process (in one of them, one can presumably see the Governor-General Frank Kabui who completes the formality of handing over the medal):

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