Query 'Solomon Islands' in 'A State of War'

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Notification via Solomon Islands Information Network (SIIN)

  • 17 July 2016: The release of these documents were notified via the Solomon Islands Information Network (SIIN), as such (excerpt): Vincent Verheyen was living in Honiara for several months in late 2015 and early 2016. Then he spent two weeks in Brisbane in early 2016, where he saw a State Library display on the First World War, which almost by chance contained photos from Solomon Islands from The Queenslander in 1917 and 1918. He has plucked these out and put them together as a separate item. The source is available on his website. Please note that the version which was appended to the mail in SIIIN was an older version of the project PDF. For a more recent version, see the Download links below.

    SIIN is "an email network of scholars interested in the Solomon Islands".1 Its publications are picked up by the Australian National University (ANU) and may be distributed further. More information about SIIN can be found on the website of The University of Queensland. One can join the network if one wishes to accept its rules.
This project is based on the joint results for the search queries ‘Solomon Islands’ and ‘Solomons’ in the gallery of the interactive portal A State of War, formatted in an off-line, self-contained way so that, even when the interactive exhibition would cease to be consultable, the info of the search query can can still be distributed separately through this file.

Download links

Below, you can download the project:


  • 1. ▸ https://law.uq.edu.a..., School of Historical and Philosophy Inquiry, Australia: The University of Queensland, at 29/2/2016

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