Traditional Chinese Character Sequence Stroke Order App (v1.0)

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Program version 1.0 (11 January 2017) assembled by my brother, Max Verheyen, with the help of Ann Van Eycken. YouTube embedding based on Amit Agarwal's post.
  • Input without punctuation marks or spaces.
  • Currently only the following 38 frequently used characters are functional (to be expanded soon): 的, 一, 壹, 是, 不, 了, 人, 在, 有, 我, 這, 他, 中, 大, 來, 上, 國, 個, 到, 們, 為, 說, 子, 和, 你, 地, 出, 道, 也, 時, 年, 得, 就, 那, 要, 下, 以, 生, 會.
  • One needs to click play for each video individually; there's no auto-play function yet.
  • Due to YouTube's currently inherent limitations, annotations can not be displayed on "mobile" devices.
  • Starting a search query is currently only easily possible through mouse interaction. Support for keyboard (enter) should be added in the future.
  • The maximum amount of viewable characters per page should be limited, as many can create a heavy workload.
This application allows you to input a (in the current prototype, a very limited but slowly growing) number of Traditional Chinese characters. The stroke order of each of these characters will then be presented through a video per character, organized from top to bottom. Please have a go at it below:

See results below: