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The present article has certainly not arisen from comprehensive research, but rather from a brief glance upon Solomon Islands newspapers.

I argue that; within the country's context; the copy-pasting of foreign news updates, as heavily present in both of the Solomon Islands printed newspapers, is a fundamentally dangerous practice of (let's use a euphemism) 'journalism'.
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The machete robberies which occurred in the same Chinese trade store shortly after noon on 22 December 2015, and during the afternoon of 5 January 2016 respectively, count as violent crimes enveloping the end-of-the-year holiday period in Honiara.


First of all, this article documents the robberies themselves, before providing extensive background information on relevant topics. Regardless of whether or not these crimes were committed solely because of the problems in the robber's squatter's community, the reader may find some other factors which could have augmented the probability of such crimes happening. This article presents an in-depth overview of that community (Burns Creek), as well as of security companies (and their background) related to the store which seem either directly involved in pressurizing the storekeeper, or via a Chinese intermediate. Anecdotal evidence reveals that these security companies might cause trouble to its competitors (or their competitors' clients). Although no direct evidence links this to the specific robberies, background information is presented on resentment towards 'new' Chinese. Further more, it is demonstrated that RAMSI fails to re-direct reporters of crime to appropriate institutions (fails even to respond to such reporters), which is dangerous considering that some locals still consider RAMSI to be the most appropriate organization to solve crime cases. Finally, it is claimed that criminals who end up in the hospital are usually not re-captivated afterwards by the RSIPF, and that the RSIPF or the National Referral Hospital sometimes releases criminals because they know them or because they look like family to them. Local Chinese are subjected to RSIPF's bribes, as is confirmed by interviews with Chinese from both low as well as from high societal rank.
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Thomas Koh Chan (陳國強) and his son Laurie Hok Si Chan (陳學仕) (also a former Minister) have been described in historical literature as "the wealthy Chan's". They have also supported the Solomon Islands governments of the both corrupt prime ministers Allan Kemakeza & Snyder Rini subsequently. Vote-buying support from Chinese business leaders, coordinated by Thomas Chan, was the cause of the election of Snyder Rini as Prime Minister in the 2006 general election. This election is coupled with the famous 2006 Honiara riots of that same day.1
  • 1. Cf. inside this article for the sources and more detailed information contained in this introductory paragraph.
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Chung Wah School (traditional Chinese: 中華學校; wherein 中華 is an alternate formal name for China,1 and 學校 means school2) is a school on Guadalcanal, in Honiara, the capital of both Solomon Islands and its Guadalcanal Province.
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Inspired by experiential learning, I transcribe public doctoral defenses, while at the same time hoping to make a small contribution to science from a communicative pedagogical perspective.

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The following demonstration was written since the VFSO (a pharmaceutical students’ association) in Belgium hosted a small debate1 at the University of Antwerp on 29/4/2015, entitled "homeopathy", between the pseudo-scientist Léon Scheepers; and Hans De Loof, a professor at the University of Antwerp.
  • 1. The official announcement of this debate can be found on a Facebook event page Facebook created by VFSO.
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The truth benefits all, but its enemies. Written for all the victims created by the pseudo-scientific theories and practices of Heel and its collaborators. Their damage done to science, health & education is immense. Another one of the old poets, whose name has escaped my memory at present, called truth the daughter of time.1
  • 1. Originally in Latin: Alius quidam veterum poetarum, cuius nomen mihi nunc memoriae non est, Veritatem Temporis filiam esse dixit.▸ http://penelope.uchi..., Aulus Cornelius Gellius (±123-170), Noctes Atticae (Attic Nights) | Book XII.
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Sofie Clais' printed quote: The role of the infinitely small in nature is infinitely great.
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Dirk Van Gestel's printed foreword: This thesis is dedicated to the numerous cancer patients whose future depends on the quality of radiotherapy. It is my deepest wish that this thesis can make a difference at least for some of them.
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Belgian universities are no longer the best place to acquire knowledge at entry level: they are hacked.1 Cease conceiving of education as mere preparation for later life, and make it the full meaning of the present life.2 Because education will be much more efficient, it will probably cost less than it does now. This is not a utopian dream. It is well within the range of an existing technology of teaching.3 To state a complex matter far too simply, calculus is a way of representing dynamic phenomena in the static medium of pencil and paper; it is hard because the medium fights the message.4 School's math can be characterized by the fact that its typical act is making marks on paper.5
  • 1. Even though I consider universities as performing highly praiseworthy activities, in other regards they are not providing the best educative material.
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